Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Conan Animated Screensaver!

Our new friend Robert, who sent us the tip on that sweet Conan online comic book sent me another link to an animated Conan screensaver for Windows XP and Vista. Here's a sneak peek at what it looks like...


I'll let Robert describe it in his own words...

"I have an animated Conan screensaver that Crom members might like to have. I downloaded it a long time ago from the THQ game site that makes the Conan game for PS3 and Xbox. Unfortunately they never made a version for the PC. The screensaver isn't available on their site anymore to download and I couldn't find it anywhere else available online.

The screensaver is animated: the torch flames move like real fire, light reflection gleams up his sword, and fog mist rolls across the ground."


Now, just to be honest here... I have not personally downloaded this or installed it on a system, so don't come crying to me if you get internet herpes from this. But I'm willing to give Robert the benefit of the doubt, we Conan fans are always looking out for each other!

You can download the screensaver HERE. Thanks again, Robert!

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Robert said...

Hello fellow Crom members, this is Robert who posted this screensaver file for everyone. If you have any doubts trying it out, here's a post from the site where other users reply about it. The site listed on there to download it was the same site that I got it from. But now that site is no longer online so I thought I'd upload the file to Crom since you can't download it from the Conan game site anymore.

Here is the post about it on