Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Almost Speechless...

Man, it really looks like 2009 is going to be my year, gang. Not only have I had incredible fortune as a collector and a fan of all things Conan, but I'm also fortunate in the kind of friends I have. My great friend and fearless DM, Todd made me a badass custom Conan action figure, Bubbashelby bestowed upon me an original Conan trading card, generous reader Kevin from Ohio completed a decades long search for my new Conan Endless Quest books, and then to top it all off, my good friend, fellow gamer and co-DM Greg gave me a belated birthday present today. We met for coffee and as I was hanging my hoodie on my cafe bar stool, he leaned against my tall Americano an original 1974 Conan Mego action figure.


Let me put this into perspective for you all. When I was 13, I was reading the letters section in the back of an issue of Savage Sword of Conan and in one letter, the reader mentioned that his favorite action figure when he was a kid was his Conan action figure. Up until that point, I never knew that a Conan action figure even existed. Fast forward about a year or so when I was in a bookstore in a mall, and I stumbled on to a book about antique toys. Flipping through it, I discovered the Mego section and lo and behold, there was the grim son of Cimmeria right there on the page. I must have stared at that picture for a full fifteen minutes.

Many years later, my fandom for Conan only increased and I never forgot the Conan Mego. I used to check flea markets and toy shows, with no luck. Eventually, sites like eBay began to give me proof that they were out there somewhere. I would occassionally check eBay in hopes that somebody would be selling one within my meager price range, again with no luck. I always figured that one day, one way or another, I would get one. Maybe I'd finally find one in an antique store or something. So for twenty-three years I have wanted a Conan Mego and today marks the day when I finally got to see one, hold one in my actual hands. I had never even seen one in real life before. And now, because my homeboy Greg is a kickass friend, I officially own one. And it's a beauty!


He's missing some parts, as you Mego-files will notice. Specifically his sword, axe, yellow belt and boots. However, there are some awesome websites out there selling repro parts for Mego action figures that I am definitely not above ordering from! Some serious collectors frown on repro parts... whatever. I even found a site that makes and sells reproductions of the original packaging backing cards. Once I get all the parts, this baby is going to be glorious!

Photobucket Photobucket

What he still has is in great condition. The sword scabbard is missing a piece, but again, I can always order a new one. The loincloth (or as Greg liked to call it; the fuzzy diaper) is clean and in awesome shape. His wristbands are perfect! The figure itself is in remarkable condition; tight joints, clean body, no discoloration on the head and the hair looks like it just came out of the box. Greg definitely took care of his toys better than I did when I was a kid!

Which reminds me. I have to mention that this Conan Mego was actually Greg's from when he was a kid. Apparently his Mom kept everything in a box, stored away, and he just remembered he had it and now passed it on to me. And I promised him I will take great care of Conan. And you all know damn well that I will!


Here's some closer details of the figure...






So, I'll wind this up by thanking Greg again for his thoughtfulness and generosity. I can't wait to order all his new little parts and to make look like new again! Be sure that I'll be posting updates on the progress, whether anyone here wants to hear about or not. ;)

Okay, I'm going to go play with my action figure now!


Anonymous said...

Mego Conan makes me want to brush my teeth.

Acorndog said...

Are you sure the diaper's clean? It IS brown after all.

I can tell already that this thing's gone to a better home than I could have ever hoped to provide. I can't wait to see him after you've got him all pimped out!

Anonymous said...

This is me. This is me beside myself with jealousy.

Reis O'Brien said...

No, no jealousy! All you have to do is really really really want one of these for 23 years and eventually you'll find one! That's what I did.

And hey everybody, Acorndog is really my homeboy Greg who gave the Conan Mego for my birthday! Everybody tell him he's awesome!