Friday, January 30, 2009

Onion Article: Obama Disappointed Cabinet Failed To Understand His Reference To 'Savage Sword Of Conan' #24

Thanks to a regular CROM! reader named Jay for sending along this hilarious Onion article discussing President Obama's dismay at people not getting his Conan references. You all may remember from an earlier post about Obama's collection of Conan comic books. Well, it looks like the folks at the Onion took that bit of info and ran with it.


Here's one of my favorite excerpts from the article...

"If my inner circle of advisers can't even communicate about the most basic issues, how are we going to tackle the massive problems our nation faces?" Obama said during a press conference. "When I tell my cabinet that getting bipartisan support is exactly like the time Conan got Taurus to help him steal Yara's jewel, they need to understand what I mean."

After receiving no reaction from the assembled reporters, Obama added, "Because a giant spider is protecting this chamber full of precious jewels, just like Congress is protecting its…. God, how are you people not seeing this?"


Hahaha!!! Good stuff!

Anyway, you can read the full article HERE. Enjoy! Thanks again, Jay!


Jack Badelaire said...

That really is too awesome. I saw the Onion joke and thought it was just some reference to him liking comics - I didn't know he actually collected Conan.

If Obama has a crumpled old D&D character sheet tucked away in a notebook somewhere, I wouldn't be too surprised...

wiec? said...

the onion is the best source of comedy week in and week out. and it's free. personally i'm proud the prez is a bit of a geek. he does have good taste in comics.

Jay said...

Cool, it's up! This is definitely one of the better Onion articles of late. I chuckled all the way through, but my favorite part:

Later, the defense secretary attempted to find common ground with Obama by making casual references to the comic book Spawn. But the 44th president reportedly brushed him off with an abrupt laugh, saying, "no one in [his] administration likes Spawn."