Monday, January 5, 2009

Conan's Sword-maker Passes Away...

I just learned that master sword-maker, Jody Samson, passed away in his studio on Dec. 27th 2008.


Many of you may not know Jody Samson by name but I guarantee you have seen his work...


Samson was the designer and maker of Conan's sword (and Conan's father's sword) in the original Conan the Barbarian movie. Not many people this day and age can call themselves a master swordsmith, and now the world is missing one more. But we thank him for the great contribution he made to the Conan mythos.


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Jack Badelaire said...

That is really depressing.

Way too many people who half-see and under-appreciate CtB laugh at the "rubber swords" Arnold & Co. are running around with, completely ignorant of the fact that those are beautifully made props that have real weight and heft to them.

I know a few years ago you could buy an exacting, high-quality replica of the Atlantean sword for about $500.