Thursday, November 6, 2008

Conan the Three Dimesionally Rendered Barbarian!

Hail all!

Along my journeys on the vast never-ending internet, I stumbled across this web forum for 3D modeling software artists where they show off their chops (these dudes are wicked talented and I'm wicked jealous) and lo and behold, there's a whole thread on a challenge to do the best 3D Conan they can do. It's amazing! Take a look at a couple of the pics.

Here's one version of Conan that was posted...


Here's another that just blew my mind! What awesome work!


They even go into detail as to how they modeled the classic "Atlantean" sword...


So head on over to ZBrushCentral to check out the entire process. You won't be disappointed!

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