Friday, November 14, 2008

Conan Mystery Figures!

While searching around for various Conan stuff, I came across these photos on a Picasa page, one of which I had seen before, so I think these pics were simply collected by the owner of the Picasa account, not that he actually owned the figures. However, to be safe, I emailed him, but considering that his entire page is in Spanish, we may have a communication breakdown. I've yet to hear back from him, so the mystery of what these figures are remains unsolved.

The first figure, which I've seen once before, I believe is from Spain and was never openly marketed as an official Conan product, but take a look at him. Who else could it be?


And then I found this other version of the same figure, but presented as a keychain.


But the real mystery is with the last figure. Now, I looked at this and immediately saw a very Arnold-like version of Conan. It's clearly plastic and seems to have some posablility to it, specifically in the shoulders. However, the lighting is all whacked out, so you can't see it very clearly. My searches found no other example of this figure and I even tried to go to the website seen in the watermark, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Take a look for yourselves...


If anyone has seen this figure before, or knows anything about it, please let us know! The mystery must be solved!


Etiene Tico said...

Hello Friend.

I'm from Brazil.
I can not speak very well English.
A helping hand for you on this doll
This doll was released in Brazil.
When you buy a DVD of the Batman series of the 60s, that show with Adam West, here in Brazil, is the gift that doll.

Reis O'Brien said...

Thank you, Etiene! I'd love to find one of these! It's odd that a Conan figure came with a Batman DVD. :)

Etiene Tico said...

In Brazil, these figures are easy to find and cheap.
It was launched two more pictures of this collection, was released along with the Wolverine movie Conan, and the thing with the movie X-Men.
It was released a collection of DVDs from 20th Century Fox.

Mike D. said...

I have the top one..but it's not a key's a straight up pvc figure....I LIKE IT A LOT!!!

Mike D. said...

You know...come to think of is a CONAN pvc that I purchased at the time...because I bought it around 1988 or so along with several others
The Silver Surfer , THOR , The Phantom and Hawkman. There was a bunch produced....Green lantern , Flash and so on.
So yeah...that's CONAN alright.

Ralph said...

I also own the top one, without the key chain. My local comic shop used to sell a lot of these PVS's, mostly of Marvel and DC characters. I suppose Conan was released as a Marvel character back then.

Cromosome said...

It's an official product made in 1990 from the spanish company Disjorsa

Cromosome said...

The first Conan is an official product (with the copyright Conan prop inc written on it) released in 1990 from the spanish company " Disjorsa". They are two more : Conan with an axe and in armor). I can send you pictures if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

From Disjorsa in 1990