Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Whole Rack of Conan!

I guess everyone is gearing up for the big motion picture release of the new Conan the Barbarian, as evidenced by my local comics shop's massive Conan display. I just had to take a pic of it and share it here. It's nice to know that the future King of Aquilonia is gaining some hype once again.

Click to view full sized.


Joe Jusko said...

Wow, with all the covers I did what are the chances that the only one here would be a pen & ink Kull cover? LOL

Cromsblood said...

It's a travesty. Dark Horse, buck up already and get Joe on board with some of your new stuff!

Reis, you happen to notice the price for that Savage Sword of Conan #1?

Reis O'Brien said...

Cromsblood - I didn't check since I've already got it, but I can go back and check if you'd like.

Joe, when I go back, I'll put all of your covers on the fronts of the stacks. ;)

Cromsblood said...

No worries, bro..just wondering cause I've been eyeballing one at my local shop but they want $175 for it (which seems awful steep).

Do that thing for Joe though...too funny!

Mike D. said...

wow..I want a display like that!

Brule the Spearslayer said...

My local shop took all of their Conans out of the 50 cent bins and marked them up to 3 bucks. :|