Thursday, August 11, 2011

Conan Lead Miniature (I want this SO bad!)

I just spotted this over at one of our favorite blogs, Selvagens Da Noite, and just had to pass it along. Back in middle school and early high school, when I was in neck deep in playing Dungeons & Dragons, many of my characters were thinly veiled copies of Conan, to the point that my friends would groan when I described my new character as a tall, black-haired, tanned-skin barbarian from the North. Back then, I would have killed for this miniature. Hell, I still might.


Tim Knight said...

Never seen that before, but by Crom and Mitra, I want it BAD as well!

Kilian Spector said...

Looks nice!!

wkeil said...

Heritage created many Conan miniatures. Take a look here: