Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full Color Marvel Super Special Conan Issue Over at Diversions of the Groovy Kind!

Mad props to Diversions of the Groovy Kind for posting this killer Marvel Super Special featuring Conan and Red Sonja!

Click HERE to read the whole issue!


Mike D. said...

Why, I have that very same picture on the Red Sonja she devil with a sword blog. A little history here..John Buscema painted it. Not only was Big J.B. a stellar penciller but he was a damned good painter as well. We usually relate Frazetta or Jusko,Boris, Norem or Larkin to all the painted versions of our favorite barbarian but now we can include Buscema in that pantheon too.

mavericstud1 said...

I kinda hated this cover.Red Sonja looked ok,but Conan looked freaked on drugs.John Buscema painted it and should have done a better job on Conan.