Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frazetta's Son Attempts to Steal $20 Million in Paintings!

Thanks to CROM! reader, Ian for passing this along!

From the Associated Press:
Pa. police: Artist's son swipes $20M in paintings
ALLENTOWN, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man used a backhoe to break into a museum owned by his father — the pioneering fantasy artist Frank Frazetta — in an attempt to steal 90 paintings valued at $20 million, police said Thursday.
State police charged Alfonso Frank Frazetta, 52, of Marshalls Creek, with theft, burglary and trespass after they say he was caught loading the artwork into his trailer and SUV.
The elder Frazetta, 81, is renowned for his work on characters including Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan and Vampirella. He was in Florida at the time of the theft.
His son's motive may stem from a family feud over the master illustrator's assets, according to a law enforcement source who spoke on condition of anonymity because it is still early in the investigation.
Frazetta was arraigned and sent to the Monroe County jail. Bail was set at $500,000. Officials didn't know whether he had a lawyer yet.
Police said that Frazetta and another man used the backhoe to enter the Frazetta Art Museum in the Pocono Mountains region on Wednesday afternoon, tripping a burglar alarm.
A trooper who responded said Frazetta claimed he had been instructed by his father "to enter the museum by any means necessary to move all the paintings to a storage facility," according a police affidavit.
The elder Frazetta told police that his son did not have permission to enter the museum or to remove any artwork. Frank Frazetta's attorney, Gerard Geiger, said the stolen paintings were insured for $20 million, according to court documents.
Geiger did not immediately return a phone message Thursday.
Police say charges are pending against a second suspect.
You can see the original article HERE.


Mike D. said...

That's terrible. I am sure the dudes father FRANK FRAZETTA raised him properly. There is no logical explanation for this. The simple answer is to sell them...but to who? The moment one went up for sale he'd be arrested...idiot. Change your name you have dishonored your family. All this after your Mother's passing? You should be ashamed of yourself!

Joe Jusko said...

Here's some video.


The Barbarian said...

My jaw just hit the ground. How could he of done such a thing? It's almost unreal feeling, but there it is. Surely with his famous Father he was more then well taken care of. And a double shocker after hearing about his wife passing away back in July. I've seen Painting with Fire and they seem like such great people, the kind of of older couple you don't see much of in this world anymore. And the kids seem to have been brought up right. I agree with the the first poster. Guy should change his name, he's a disgrace to his family!

Daniel Andrews said...

Im floored hearing about this.
I just watched painting with fire again 2 days ago. Listening to Them talk about family and what not.

Hehe saw you on there to Joe :D

rory said...

I've been doing some searching around and it sounds like the kids are fighting over the estate. I have to say I am TOTALLY speculating here, but one fact I do know is that the three other siblings contacted a company to start representing the Frazetta estate and they already auctioned off a couple of paintings, one being the classic cover for Conan the Conqueror for $1 million!

I also know that Frank Jr. and their mother ran the business for many years. Frazetta has been asked to sell his paintings for years, always saying no. Now, months after Elles' death, and a Frank Sr. who has suffered some mild strokes and at the age of 81, has decided to just change his mind and sale these? I call shenanigans.....

Again, I'm speculating, but it looks like the three kids are cashing in and pushing Jr. out. I would'nt be suprised if he did'nt grab those paintings in an attempt to hide them from the siblings. All this to stop them from auctioning them off.

It sounds like a family feud and while I hope they work it out, I fear I will probably never get to see the museum as it has been for the last few decades.

Anonymous said...

That's going to make for an awkward family Christmas this year, I guarantee...

Mike D. said...

Looks like our hero and the victim in this case must now hire himself an attorney to protect his best interests from his own family.
Never mind what will happen with the estate. He will have to be an awfully forgiving man in order to get past this one.

rory said...

Well, we don't know all the facts about why EXACTLY he took the paintings. The facts are as they are and as I said the reasons WHY are just speculation on my part...Probably seen too many court movies!:)

Mike D. said...

Anybody know what happened next?

biopunk said...

This happened next:

rory said...

Thank you for that link biopunk. Sounds like they are starting to get top the bottom of this.

biopunk said...

Bit more info here: