Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Barbarian Backpiece!

CROM! reader, Johan V. sent me this pic of his full backpiece featuring one pissed off barbarian, a dragon-beast losing its head, a horned giant and tons and tons of booty. Thanks for sharing, Johan!


Restless said...

Yeah, but why does her left bra strap go under her arm?

Cromsblood said...

Regardless, that's one helluva tat. Say Johan, when you die, can you leave me your body, so I can hire a taxidermist to make a wall hanging out of your skin? I've got a bare wall in the living room that's in need of a fine piece of art.

I just now see that my captcha is "tatend". That's a sign from above!

Johan V said...

Hi Cromsblood.

Hope to live for a long time and joy this tattoo, but when I die I will think about. LOL

Restless said...

Agreed, it's a gorgeous tattoo!