Monday, May 11, 2009

New Conan Movie Has New Director!


The stomach turning nightmare that Brett Ratner was slated to direct the next Conan movie is over! Thank Crom! broke the news of the Conan project getting a new director, none other than V for Vendetta helmsman, James McTeigue.

This is what Chud had to say...

Yesterday we learned that Brett Ratner looked to be out of the director's chair on the new Conan movie, which possibly shoots this summer. The producers have been wasting no time in trying to get a new helmer for the franchise reboot, which after months of development still needs some script work and a leading actor. And according to my very trustworthy, very much correct in the past source, they've found their director:

James McTeigue.

The director of the first good Alan Moore adaptation (V For Vendetta) and the upcoming Ninja Assassin, McTeigue was long the Wachowski's first AD. There's no question that McTeigue has the action chops needed to bring the Hyborian barbarian's adventures to brutal, bloody life.

But will he have the money needed to do it right? My source fears that the loss of Ratner means a loss of budget. Ninja Assassin seems to be budgeted at around 50 million, and V For Vendetta was 54 million. Both look terrific - McTeigue is getting every penny on screen - but Conan will be much costlier, effects-wise. Will the current rumored 120 million dollar budget be slashed with this new director?

It's important to note that McTeigue hasn't signed any papers yet, so this deal is still in the making, but it looks like he's the guy Nu-Image/Millenium wants for the job.

And remember, the Wachowskis were once set to direct a Conan movie. They and McTeigue retain a tight relationship; might this Conan have their fingerprints all over it as much as McTeigues? That, to me, sounds like it could be a damn good thing.

And if you don't believe me, you can read it HERE.


Daniel Andrews said...

Awesome News. Good directors are also resourceful so even if there is a budget cut as long as the Fundamentals are true to Conan it can be a success.
I have faith.

I love Conan the destroyer as well, do its pretty hard to go wrong with me, haha

Great post man, All the best.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad Ratner is off of this movie.

Julian said...

Conan was one of the all-time classics and should be dona again. For movie lovers like myself i think we would all appreciate it especially if The Rock or Vin diesel plays the role. But who-ever stars in this great classic all i ask is to bring the role to justice.

Reis O'Brien said...

NOT Vin Diesel! Please!

Duane Johnson could work, though, with the right director. But he's a little old for the "early twenties" Conan that is supposed to appear in the movie.

Anonymous said...

They ought to get an unknown actor to play conan. Someone who looks the part (as envisioned in the books/comics - not another Arnold clone). Someone who will take the role seriously because success could have career building potential - not a big name who will treat it as a side-gig to make another a few million.

Any it needs more savage violence than the old movies.

Dash MacBastard said...

Much better choice than Ratner! V For Vendetta was a great flick.
It would have been even better if the Wachowskis had decided to go with Conan over that Speed Racer debacle though...