Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bonan Statue?! Hahahahahaaaa!!!

Crom! reader, simply called "The Barbarian," sent us a link to this lovely item on eBay. It looks like someone took a ceramic Frazetta rip-off statue and then used those plastic binders that people use to keep computer wires from getting out of hand to attach a beat-up McFarlaine warrior chick action figure to it along with an old belt buckle that this person found at a yard sale that someone had made in the late 70's thinking he would get lots of chicks if he tried to tell them his name was "Bonan".


It's going for $40.00 right now. You know what I'd rather spend $40 on rather than this thing? ANYTHING! Also, the description calls it an "Unfinished PornoBJ Statue Project". WHAT?! Good lord...

See it in all it's true horror HERE. Thanks to The Barbarian for the link!

1 comment:

Restless said...

I suspect the text is trim lettering from a Chevy Bonanza.