Friday, February 27, 2009

"Not Conan" Model Available from Nocturna Models!

I found a post in the Conan Forums linking to this sweet model of what appears to be our very own King of Aquilonia from Nocturna Studios. It looks like they probably did not have the licensing rights to actually call this fellow "Conan" so they just titled it "The Usurper". Still, it's a beauty of a model!


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Take a closer look HERE, but don't expect anything to be in English. So good luck ordering it. ;)


Darius Whiteplume said...

Hah! If that's not Cona, then I am :-)

Cool model. The guys who paint those are mind-boggling.

Acorndog said...

Seriously, this is nice. This looks better than many simple paintings I've seen of the same scene. They should take a snapshot of this and use it for the dark horse cover.

I feel compelled to add though that the exxaggeratedly long sword isn't quite Conan's style.

Reis O'Brien said...

Yeah, you're so right, that sword is a bit over the top.

monsterhoodoo said...

They allude to it being Conan on the site. Must not fear Conan Properties. Wait till they see it... buh-bye.