Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Conan Teaser Poster! Hmmm...

So this poster started making the rounds on the various Conan blogs and forums back in September and I wrote it off as a total fake. But it's still floating around and inspiring people to declare that a new Conan movie is now in the works. Quite frankly, I still think is all hokum. Just look at the amateur Photoshop job! And why would they use the same sword from the original movie if it's supposed to be a new re-telling of the tale? And why by Crom's black beard is the sword stuck in a stone? Is this some Arthurian take of the King of Aquilonia? Dubious, to say the least.


Let's hear what you guys think! A sign of things to come or some nerd spreading cinematic humbug?


Unknown said...

Seems fake. And I really don't want to get my hopes up :(

Acorndog said...

It's not stuck in a stone, it's skewered through a bowl of severed Stygian heads. Duh!

Maybe Arnold needs some more money to help balance the CA budget.

wiec? said...

2 things bother me about this poster.

1) it's a real poster.if so this movie might be on the road to suckyville. i mean for an epic movie like Conan that poster looks pretty slap dash. maybe the movie will follow suit.


2) it's a fake. and the fact that people are still talking about it since september shows you people are so hungry for this project to get off the ground they'll settle for anything. im hoping this is a fake because i hate just about everthing about it.

either way if Conan gets another movie (retelling? sequel?) i hope whoever they get to make it takes the time to get to know the material (the books) and takes it seriously. If the movie is some paint by numbers sword and sandal piece of junk then the movie like this poster will be a letdown.

Jay said...

Well...it IS a cool sword!

Anonymous said...

That's a good poster.
That's a bad fake.