Monday, July 21, 2014

Another memo from the Not quite CONAN department. SKAAR

Ok we've covered this one already and noted that when SKAAR first appeared as a regular in the Marvel Universe he was jokingly referred to as CONAN due to his similar stature hair do and big sword. But Marvel now has their TV show HULK and the agents of S.M.A.S.H I have not delved any further into it to find out what SMASH means. But I do know " HULK SMASH!!! " So here we have some snippets and stills from the cartoon series and some promo spot shots of the crew. Take a look for yourself....does SKAAR ( Who is supposed to be the son of the HULK in the comic books ) look like CONAN? Yeah I guess so. The cartoon ignores the son of HULK concept so that completely negates that he is an earth elemental and can literally with will power raise a mountain with a thought and drop it on someone as well as convert his body into a solid impervious rock like state as well as benefit from having the size and physical power of the HULK. No doubt about it if used properly SKAAR can be a dangerous customer. But the cartoon is missing the mark on this one. They should cover the whole PLANET HULK story into a flashback and properly give SKAAR an origin. That's just my opinion.

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Mike D. said...

I'd also like to add that... I hate the idea of Rick Jones is A-Bomb. Not that it's not a good character ( In the comics ) but in the cartoon he's an idiot. That's what I don't like. He has chameleon like powers and is just as powerful as the HULK and in the cartoon they make him a foot smaller... Hate it. Also DOC SAMSON is a nerdy psychiatrist. Don't like that either. Samson was always jealous of the HULK and even gave himself gamma strength to do battle with the HULK...Of course he's only got maybe 2/3 of the HULK's raw strength and does not get stronger when angered. But yeah...another wasted character on the cartoon.