Thursday, July 25, 2013

Neal Adams SAVAGE II sketchbook

A few months back I picked up this cool Neal Adams sketchbook at my local comic is some of the SAVAGE and BARBARIC art you can find inside.  You can find these sketchbooks on ebay for about 20 may even find them on Amazon or some other book club site.  There are plenty more cool images in the book itself...this is just a tease. If you are a fan of CONAN,NEAL ADAMS or just great art this is a must have!!!  Enjoy!


Brian said...

I am definitely a fan of both Conan AND Neal Adams. His artwork defined many DC characters for me as a child, and I even followed some of his work with Continuity. This is a great find!

Jeremy said...

Fantastic! I want one!

Grandmaster Athos said...

heil dogbrothers! look what i found throu the endless plunders on the interwebs