Monday, July 29, 2013

Conan Meets Cthulhu?

For those of us that enjoy Conan and throwing the dice around the table, or perhaps you are curious what the Hyborian world would be like with even a heavier Lovecraft influence than normal:

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Xonan said...

No need to "blend" lovecraftian concepts with Conan's world: Howard already blended his concepts with those of his PENPALS HPL and CAS.
some concepts were even probably imagined together, such as Set, snake men, etc.
Perhaps a tad more "lovecraftian" themes are present in Kull's timeline (Thurian age), as we have those infamous snake men and other antediluvian races and people, place names, gods which are often reminiscent of the cthulhu mythos .
Chtulhu concepts were even present in BRan Mak morn and other creations of Howard in later timelines, no one really had to blend posthumously lovecraftian themes with those of Howard, in fat the only thing that could be done in this sense would be to write pastiches putting in direct confrontation certain characters imagined by Howard with some creatures or gods imagined by Lovecraft , characters that both never were related in any previous Howard story.
Marvel comics already did a tribute to the concept "cthulhu mythos" going a step further than what Howard did by making Conan face the lovecraftian version of Dagon, a god taken directly out of "shadow over Innsmouth". This episode was in Savage Sword of Conan #176: Conan faced a sorcerer who "showed" to Conan in dreams the many deaths he could die, one of which being to face Dagon. Conan merges from dream to dream four times until he finally awakes and kills the wizard.
For other strong cthulhu mythos comics involving Conan, read the adapted Howard stories which were transposed to Conan's world by Marvel comics : "Curse of the golden Skull" "The gods of Bal-Sagoth".
It's difficult to get more "cthulhu-esque" to these stories in terms of Conan comics pastiches/adaptations unless a writer makes Conan face directly Cthulhu.