Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the REH art of TOM YEATES

This is a little parody drawing Tom and Cary Nord teamed up on they call..."CONAN'S LUNCH." lol

I've always loved Tom Yeates work from the time I first saw his work in DC comics WARLORD comic book on the back up feature DRAGONSWORD and then CLAW all the way up through his run on SWAMP THING all the way to recent times where he's done work for Dark Horse on a TARZAN feature in Dark Horse Presents now where he's currently carrying on a sacred legacy by drawing the PRINCE VALIANT syndicated strip....I love his classic line and use of blacks...he can spot blacks like no one else can...he pushes the subject matter forward in an almost photographic image but yet maintains that classic look about his work that reminds you that's about the love of the art and it's all in the technique. He's a modern master and I look forward to his work as it comes weekly. Thats a tough task in and of itself.

See the work of Tom Yeates...Love it!


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thomas Yeates is in my top five Tarzan artists of all time, and he does a great Conan. I'm glad to see him on Prince Valiant now. The venerable feature couldn't be in better hands.

Mike D. said...

Can't wait to see the GROO vs CONAN project!!! Coming SOOOON!!!

Kilsern said...

I am a fan of DHP, and enjoyed Yeates Tarzan art there. Thank you for showcasing his art.