Monday, June 20, 2011

Rose McGowan Conan 3D Poster

Spotted this somewhere on the interwebs, forget where, reposting here. Boo-YA!

I'm actually pretty happy with her look, and it gives me hope for the greater intention of the new movie, because usually when Rose McGowan gets cast in something, it's as the sexy-hottie-babe type of role. Seeing her as this freaky witch-chick with the massive forehead makes me suspect that this movie is genuinely concerned with interesting characterization, and that alone can make a movie great. Of course, we'll see.


bliss_infinte said...

I wasn't even able to recognize that that was Rose. Fun stuff!

Dave Lowe said...

I agree Reis. I think it's different, but very clever casting. Even when McGowan is playing the "sexy-hottie-babe type" she has a dangerous, dark edge to her, so it works.

I'm sure she had at least some say in how she looks in the movie. So kudos to her for going with a more true "character" than some generic scary sexy witch.

Unknown said...

Wow…little did I know back when I’d suffer through episodes of Charmed on the account of my wife, that one day the Paige would grace the screen of a Conan movie, it was the eye candy that made it somewhat bearable.

Bart said...

She looks like a mental retard here, the outfit and makeup don't suit her physionomy at all.