Thursday, June 23, 2011

NEBRES 14.5 in COLOR! ( One day later )

Wow that was fast! Dominic from over at AIM comics sent in his color art the Rudy Nebres " One minute later piece". Like overnight! Needless to say...we LOVES it!

Dom had mentioned that the Princess there has some mits on her. ( Did I say Mits? ) I bet she don't need them claw crackers when she goes to the Red Lobster! Sheesh what a pair of Man Hands! But seriously...we love Rudy's art it's great...and thank you Dominic for Hooking us up with this nifty color piece. For those of you who'd like to see More of Dom's work...check it out here... in these links sent to us by the man himself! Thanks Dominic.

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Xonan said...

If I bothered talking to Cromsblood about the 3One minute later " concept, it' is indeed for the same reason you just mentioned: our favorite professional Conan artists are behind it, unlike the strange artwork on the Covered Blog which seems mostly unprofessional apart from a few exceptions( a Mignola imitator for instance)

Glad to see you guys on Crom! blog dig further into the "one minute later" galleries, I hadn't seen this new rudy Nebres alternate yet! Thanks.

Rudy Nebres proves to us every time he is truly a master in depicting conan. Dark Horse should consider hiring him seriously for one or many Conan projects.
why not some Kull too?

Xonan said...

Good job, DOM!

Luis Ed(Agramar) said...

Amazing!!Do you know something about a crossover of Conan and call of cthulhu?