Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not quite Conan ~ "The SAVAGE AXE of ARES"

Sounds a lot like something CONAN would say if he were surrounded. Under the Christmas tree this year in a shirt box was a bunch of comic books my wife went down to the local shop and purchased at random to present to me on Christmas morning. In that little pile of comics was an issue of "CHAOS WAR ARES" the cover was absolutely an HOMAGE to CONAN THE BARBARIAN # 1 from way back when.

Now I noticed a little something about the use of ARES in comics as of late and could not help but notice the CONAN-ESQUE style in which he was portrayed. Last year or perhaps the year before Marvel put out a bunch of 70's style black and white comic books designed to look like their line of magazines from that era.  OF COURSE...they no longer publish CONAN ....so they cleverly came up with something else.

THE SAVAGE AXE OF ARES...we all know that the name itself is a tribute to the long running and awesome magazine series THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN (all available in reprint form from Dark Horse comics who currently publishes our favorite unabashed barbarian hero).

I of course have one of the SAVAGE AXE comics. It is a bit lackluster and does not really have the bite of what one would expect from a title with SAVAGE in it.  But for all intents and purposes I went ahead and purchased me a copy anyway. Hell it's an Homage to SSOC!!! A must have in my humble opinion. Included here are copies of the covers for said mentioned comics. If you like go hunt 'em down.

Borrowing the Not quite Conan introduction in an Homage of my own to Reis and Cromsblood.  Enjoy the little gallery here of THE SAVAGE AXE OF ARES! By MARVEL comics.

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Mike D. said...

NOTE : Take a look see @ ARES sword in the last image. Look familiar?