Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CROM! Welcomes Mikeyboy!

Hail you Hyrkanian dogs! I just wanted to drop a quick note to officially welcome long-time CROM! reader and commenter, Mikeyboy, to his new position here on the blog as a full-fledged CROM! contributor!

So, expect to start seeing even more Conan news, reviews, art and whatever else Mikeyboy has up his sleeve.

And speaking of what's up his sleeve, anyone who has this tattooed on them...

... just has to be worthy enough to join our team!

So join me, everyone, on welcoming Mikeyboy the Mighty! HAIL!


Mike D. said...


Cromsblood said...

Hail! Welcome aboard Mike!

Mike D. said...

I will keep to the spirit of the blog to appease the Minions of CROM.
Very busy with work as of late. But will post my first OFFICIAL CROM POST as soon as the gods of chaos and war allow.