Friday, September 24, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Argos)

(Image used from The Hyborian Age)

Striaght from the army lists from Royal Armies Of The Hyborean Age.

Argos 1500 points

Banner: Purple Field with three gold balls up and down center of flag.

Most units in the army of Argos are hired from Ophir, Koth and Shem as there are very few native units. These Mercenary units should be treated as native as opposed to hiring Free company Mercenaries which could be up to 20% of an Army for Argos.

As all cavalry was hired abroad their uniforms would be similar to similar units in their countries of origin. The same applies to the infantry with the exception of the Royal Guard, which was seldom used in battle. All units use the banner of Argos.

The Royal Guard was a unit composed of members of nobility who favored the use of gold armor and shields. Their golden shields would have three purple balls as a device.

Cavalry is all hired and is B class heavy cavalry in units o ftwelve figures. Cavalry was 25-33% of the army.

Infantry is broken down as follows:

Unit Designation-----Type----Class--No. of Figures-----% of Infantry

Hired Spearmen ------HI-------B--------24-----------50-90
Shemite Archers ------LI-------B--------18-----------10-25
Royal Guard ---------HI-------A--------30-----------1 unit

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