Friday, February 5, 2010

Conan in Brazil! Part 2

We've got more killer pics from our friend Marcos, and this stuff just may be more priceless than the Eye of the Serpent!

Fist off, we see a few different Conan (or Kull/Koll) comics found in the land of Carnivale, the latter two clearly being comic spoofs of the son of Cimmeria.



Man, I would love to get my hands on some of these. And I know that Cromsblood is probably dying to translate them into English! Now you have some more comics to search for, my brother!

This next piece is pretty close to a holy grail of Conan collectibles as far as I'm concerned. Back when this blog was still on Myspace, I had posted about a mysterious barbarian figure that I spotted somewhere on the interwebs, and MArcos came to the rescue, explaining that it was indeed a Conan figure that came free with the purchase of... get this... a DVD of the 1966 Batman movie! Wait... what?!

hyi 005

What a bizarre combination! You'd think it would have come with a Conan DVD, which it may have for all I know. Still, this is a killer (if strange) collectible and I can't thank Marcos enough for sending pics of it!

hyi 002

More Conan from Brazil on its way, you Hyrkanian dogs! So keep yer eyes peeled!

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Cromsblood said...

"Now you have some more comics to search for, my brother!"

Yes indeed...thanks for this!