Friday, January 22, 2010

We Have a New Conan!

And here he is, Jason Momoa!

According to the article on /Film:

Recently we heard that Nu Image/Millennium and Lionsgate were looking at three actors as possible options to be the new Conan the Barbarian in the film to be directed by Marcus Nispel. There was Jason Momoa, from Stargate: Atlantis; Kellan Lutz from Twilight; and a third, then-unnamed actor who turned out to be Jared Padalecki. Now two sources are reporting that the choice has been made, and it is Momoa.

Latino Review and Deadline Hollywood (the latter being the source of the original casting info) broke the news at about the same time this evening. This is the first really interesting news that has come out about the film. At the time Momoa’s name came out as an option I noted that he had a great look for the character — he’s physically imposing, but also looks smart and calculating. He’s not just some brute, and therefore a lot closer to Robert E. Howard’s original version of the character than was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Both sources report report that Momoa has been the top choice of Marcus Nispel, with LR saying that he charmed the hell out of execs and Deadline saying a few test scenes Nispel shot of Momoa in character were the tipping point. Either way, it’s an intriguing choice, and I’m happy to see that Kellan Lutz wasn’t chosen simply for the fact that he’s in Twilight.

Additionally, Latino Review is hearing that Mickey Rourke has been offered a role as Conan’s father. That’s just an offer for now, but we’ll keep on top of the cast as it develops. Shooting is scheduled for March in Bulgaria.

Before Conan hits, Momoa will be seen in the HBO adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, with the pilot directed by Thomas McCarthy.

Well, there it is, fellow Conan fans! Let's hear your thoughts!


Darius Whiteplume said...

I have not seen SG:A, but yeah, he looks the part. Not sure how he'd look with the "Bettie Bangs" Conan sports sometimes, but I can definitely see him as the young Conan.

I'd still like to see Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the big C, but he has been in some real turds lately (I'm looking at you, DOOM). Hey... The Rock as Thulsa Doom? I'd love to see him as a heel again ;-)

Kaiser Crowbar said...

This might get some raised eyebrows (not the "People's Eyebrow," Darius), but since we're on the subject of wrestlers and Conan, I've always wanted to see Triple H in the role of the cimmerian. Just dye his hair black and he's got the look down. Of course, with WWE putting their dirty fingers in just about everything in the entertainment business, if he were to play it, the company would want some say in the production of it.

I'm not sure about Jason Momoa, though. I'd have to see the trailer for him to convince me.

Cromsblood said...

Of all the names that have been bouncing around of late, I think that Momoa is a fine choice. And Rourke would be a great addition, been a fan of his for a long time!

Is it just me, or is the Conan in that movie poster you've posted there Iggy Pop?

Thanks a bunch for the update Reis...and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to REH!

The Barbarian said...

I never seen him in anything and the few pictures I see here I wouldn't think he jumps out and screams Conan. Honestly I never could think of anyone to play Conan. There's some wrestlers who look the part (and god no I'm not talking about the rock) but they can't act worth a damn. Anyone remember hearing the rumor when ultimate warrior would play in the new Conan movies?

I don't know, hopefully it turns out good. But like the Thor movie that's due out next year after seeing the cast they picked to play in it I'm not holding my breath.

Unknown said...

He certainly looks more like Howard's vision of Conan than Arnie did...
I am actually more worried about the script and direction that I am about who they cast as Conan.

Craig said...

This is horrible, period! Sorry, but Howard's Conan was a monster of a man, I don't know what books you read. That guy looks nothing like a Cimmerian. Arnold pulled it off at least ,but this guy looks like a wuss. Man, what a was for Hollywood to wipe out a franchise. There are wrestlers that could pull if off, but Arnold was special. I didn't like him at first but he grew on me over time.

Craig the Darkslayer said...

By the Way, this is the worse news I have heard all week. I think Cena might be able to pull it off. If anything they should do Conan as a King.

sandySTC said...

I don't think he looks anything like Howard's version of Conan. I'm obviously missing something that you have all read. What about him seems so right? I didn't think Arnold was 100% either (I'm not a huge fan of Arnold at all), but I do think he was more accurate than this actor. Hist facial features are much too soft.

Cromsblood said...

Because SSOC was my introduction to Conan, Buscema’s Conan will always be my Conan. For others, it’s Schwarzenegger. Does that mean that the BWS Conan is a travesty? For me, retelling a REH story successfully using more than just the written word is all about the sum of the parts.

Mike D. said...

who the hell is the casting director?
So far none of these guys are even close to who and what CONAN is all about.
I don't think these movie people have even read a HOWARD book.
Completely clueless.
" Hey I know , let's make a movie about WW2 and we'll set it in the future and instead of Japanese and Germans we'll be fighting venutians and instead of Pearl Harbor being attacked they'll attack a space station and instead of prison camps they'll be prisons in space!" Yeah!
That's how far off the mark these people are getting.
CONAN is not a freaking Samoan!
You want to make a movie with this island boy go ahead but he aint CONAN!

Craig said...

Now were talking!
They should just do Conan like Beowulf was done in 3-d. Then they could actually make him. I am a SSOC and Buscema influence as well. I think he read plenty of REH Conan before he drew his pics.

Anonymous said...

I agree,

Anonymous said...

ok..after reviewing photos of the guy...ok whatever. I just hope he bulks up his arms a bit..those 17 inch biceps have to be a bit larger like at least 20" he looks way too scrawny right now.

Anonymous said...


Mike D. said...

@ Craig...they are looking for a hunky beefcake guy to attract more ladies.
Sad as it is...many people ahve no idea who CONAN is. I have a tattoo of the guy and I get " Who is that? " from 20 something girls all the time.
So that's the reason. Hunkieness.

Craig, The Darkslayer said...


point taken. However, that dude looks like a total sissy! Hollywood has abandoned the 'Manly Man' of the Silver Screen. We can only hope CROM won't allow this travesty. The right director or producer will get it right. Did anyone watch the CONAN ADVENTURES with RALF MOELLER? He could pull it off with the right Budget. The show wasn't too bad either, especially the nubile women. I have the box set and I suggest you all buy it.

Mike D. said...

heh heh..pretty sure most of us do.
Nubile women...heh heh.

M. D. Jackson said...

I think most people confuse Howard's Conan with Frazetta's. Howard's Conan was taut and lithe, not bulked out like a Bowflex pitchman.

I think Momoa will surprise people with his performance. He has a definite screen presence and he has a depth that most muscle actors (Dwayne Johnson and other WWE fellas) lack.

M. D. Jackson said...

Also Momoa is not Samoan. His father is native Hawaiian and his mother is German/Irish

Just setting the record straight

Anonymous said...

Howards Conan was lithe? He described his creation as a giant among men with thick arms and corded muscles.
Hawaii and Samoa? Not much difference. BUT the Irish that lessens the blow a little.
Nonetheless..he is a pretty boy sent in to please the girls.

mirishka10 said...

for those of you who haven not seen Jason Momoa in action, suggest you watch Stargate Atlantis season 2 onwards. He is the real deal, tough, kick-ass no girly stuff. Whilst i agree he is a serious piece of crumpet, it does not detract from the fact he is perfect for the part.

Craig, the Darkslayer said...

No one is perfect for the part. This guy compared to an Arnold Version of Conan is not even a comparison. I read up on him and he might be able to pull it off, but I don't think that will happen. It certainly will pale in comparison to the first Conan movie.

I really don't see how people that have read Howard can claim that he wasn't that big. He was described as a bronze statue, taller than tall men, tremendous girth in his shoulders and powerful sinewy legs. He couldn't have possibly achieved most of the feats he did on a lesser frame. He is not the size of Tarzan and I think that I people are comparing him too.

Anonymous said...

Exactly m'point Craig, CONAN is a big BIG dude. What I picture when I read Howard is a very large guy about 6'6" or 6'7" around 290 with a head of thick black long hair and skin so dark he makes George Hamilton look like a ghost. A man that big with that description would need to be at least 60" around the chest and his arms would have at least 22 or 23 inch biceps...forget about the legs his hands when clenched in fists are the size of honey dew melons. You want to talk strength? He would easily be able to lift ( press ) 700 lbs off the ground and bench at least 780 easily and max 1000lbs.
CONAN is no pretty boy either he has scars all over his body from the many battles and arrows.
Why...CONAN is the damndestsona bitch there ever was!
This Momoa kid...he's a Tarzan type. As you said CONAN as a character is being type cast...not the actors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said...

Traitors!! Infidels!!


My son, you have come to Shadizar from your sunny Hawaii only to end up being crucified on the "tree of WOEllywood"

Valeria said...

Don't count on me to save you this time, Conan

Unknown said...

BY CROM! How hard is it for people to figure out that Conan is a Cimmerian and they are Celts! Sorry to all those people who for some frakked up reason want a person of mixed race with African descent to play Conan, he is white! Do we want a white person to play Shaka Zulu in a movie?
Dwayne Johnson could be a bad guy or someone working with Conan, but Robert E. Howard made most of his heroes just alike in appearance: Black hair, BLUE EYES and big muscles. He would roll over in his grave.

Mike D. said...

Shaka Zulu really existed. But point taken and well put.
The entire idea of making a new film is to create awareness about a hero who has been around for a loooong time.
But if they have plans to revamp and redesign. Then call it something else. Like PRINCE of PERSIA goes to Hawai