Sunday, November 1, 2009

Epic Conan Costume!

Oh man, Greg is going to kill me for this, but I just have to post a couple of pics of him dressed in his wickedly awesome Conan costume that I stole from his Facebook! You all may remember Greg as my good buddy who gave me my Conan Mego action figure for my birthday this past year.

Seriously, this costume is EPIC!

Greg Conan

Greg Conan 2

What I love about this costume is that he clearly put some thought towards the original Howard stories, with him square-cut black mane and his sandaled feet. Most people would have gone for the movie version, but Greg kept it old school and classic.

I raise my cup to you! May Crom watch over your battles!


Anonymous said...

Wow he looks just like a BWS drawing!!!!

Kike said...

Truly epic, indeed. He only need a good friend with a "Slithering Shadow" costume.

Acorndog said...

Good lord, you got this up fast! I actually tried to go for the iconic look from the Mego Conan I had as a kid. As for the footwear, well, I'm I'm going to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth, it sure as hell will be under my sandaled feet!

Acorndog said...

um... "If I'm"

Reis O'Brien said...

Well, you certainly achieved the classic look, brother. And I've never seen you without facial hair before!