Tuesday, November 18, 2014

YET ANOTHER " Barbaric image onslaught "


Xonan said...

Cromsblood, check out Esteban Maroto's official blog, he now sells original art from his books + recent commissions and has the kindness to share them for free with us by scanning a selection of pieces for us to see.
Literally TONS of new Conan material that is not even present on sites such as comicartfans. Could make a post with this stuff!!

As for the drawing you posted from a Conan novel, any idea which one it is? Flame Knife? Black Stranger? Conan and the Sorcerer? I have the misfortune possess neither of these three collectibles

Xonan said...

Here's Maroto's official blog link, I forgot to post it:
A treat for classic Conan art fans!

Mike D. said...

Thank you....excellent

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le putaing de naing said...

Great blog (and love the EstebanMaroto's to). I usually enjoy and don't post but there's a new game about Conan in preparation in France and there are some nice illustrations made for it.
You'll find some of them there :

Not my blog, not my game, but I think that work deserve to be shared with other Conan fans.
Lots of work on this one and i'm quite enthusiast with it.