Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The KING of KINGS!!! Time to play the game...

A few years back prior to any information being released about the CONAN film starring Jason Momoa there was a rumor going around that WWE pro wrestler and Son in law to Vince McMahon was up for the role...something I'm glad did not happen...everyone hated that guy he was the biggest heel going. Even when he and Shawn Michaels tagged up a few times. But they did have some really epic matches those two. Anyway to perpetuate the rumor and maybe perhaps he was even hinting to Hollywood he wanted the part he donned barbarian rags and furs and a crown...evoking the King Conan image made famous by Arnold. I have to say being a fan of all things BARBARIAN and CONAN related as well as a reformed WWE fan...I kind of liked his KING of KINGS persona...he did look bad ass. But I'm glad they didn't use him. The MOTORHEAD KING OF KINGS song...BOW DOWN TO THE KING!!! Lemmie would make a cool BARBARIAN!!! They should call him ...he's got that Ben Davidson REXOR look about him...Of course I'm sure Ben would win in an arm wrestle.

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