Friday, October 25, 2013

Conan: Hyborian Age Music | VK

Hi folks Mikey here...over the past few months I have received some very cool links and art all related of course to our blood spattered , Broadsword wielding son of Cimmeria REH's own CONAN ... why just today I received this e-mail and link to a very cool social networking site dedicated to Conan themed music. I invite you all to explore and visit. Thank you so much Eugene Klein for sharing with us.
"юрий клейн" To Me Today at 4:29 PM " Hi there! You know, there's a special page on a Russian social network VK ( which is collecting Conan-themed music. I thought, you as Conan-related bloggers should take a point."  Click on the link below and let it lead you into Battle!!!

Conan: Hyborian Age Music | VK


Mike D. said...

Wow this post really blew up!!! 935 views so far as I sit here commenting.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Conan is big in Russia. My blog gets a lot of hits there on my Conan related posts.

Eugene said...

Right, thanks for posting it ;) But I'd recommend you to change my name to Eugene Klein, cause me e-mail name isn't real.

Anonymous said...

Mike Reagan should have composed the score for Conan (2011).

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