Sunday, March 10, 2013

CONAN'S favorite joke!!!

I was visiting " Marvel Comics of the1980's the blog" and came across this Conan gag by Paul Smith.  I have been searching the web high and low for this for many years.  I asked a few comic pro's if they remembered it and nobody could recall.  But thanks to our friends over at " Marvel Comics of the1980's the blog" my search is over.  I know I have the comic this appeared in somewhere in my collection.  But seeing it once again brings a smile to my face. ( It is from an issue of Marvel age )


Anonymous said...

That's the source of the point from "Conan's Favourite Joke" (Conan #18 (Dark Horse Comics)).

Mike D. said...

Yep...which reminded me of this gag. Then I began searching. Search over....whew!