Saturday, February 23, 2013

Conan the Barbarian art dept. Mock up poster

I don't believe I've ever seen this version before or if it's even a real piece of CONAN film memorabelia but I do know I like it.  The looming head of DOOM in the background is awesome.  I was just prowling and browsing the web and came across it.  Thought I'd share this awesome piece of CONAN history with art by BORIS!.  I have not posted in a month or more and wanted to say hi.  HI!!!!


Xonan said...

This is concept art by Boris Vallejo, there's a low quality scan on conancompletist which has been there for years in the cover gallery.

One scan seems different than the one you posted, probably it has been touched up, the facial features have been altered in the process:

I don't know if this Boris poster has been officially released or if it piled up in the concept art bin like other posters by Renato Casaro such as "motiv3 n°440" on his own website:

n°441,443,444,445 have all been released/unearthed in a way.

Number 442 is not ion the website but is in the Conan list , whatever it looks like only Casaro knows.

Xonan said...

Now we know what the producers of Deathstalkers II ( a really cheesy movie) wanted their poster to look like the rare Conan poster by Boris and asked the latter to do something as close as possible in tone and composition to the one you posted !
The result:

Mickeyboy if ever you could get your hands on the Casaro rarity n°440 it would be really great!

Mike D. said...

Thank you Xonan!!!

Cromsblood said...

If I remember correctly, I spent a lot of time searching for a better look at that Casaro rarity (n°440) a couple of years ago, and had no luck. :(