Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Joe Jusko commission pieces

The wonderful web has always been a bountiful place to share and find glorious artwork on juuuuust about anything. Today I'd like to share some commission artwork I found that Joe Jusko created in his travels around the globe while visiting conventions and providing opportunities for folks on different continents to enjoy his work. Who don't love Joe Jusko? He's the best in the biz.

One day...I'm gonna save me up enough to get my very own commission piece.


Daniel Andrews said...

He's a really nice guy.I met Joe once, and have passed a few comments with him over on Deviant Art.

He posts allot of work in steps to help people figure out his process. Definitely one of the more helpful working professionals on D in my Opinion.

horde zla said...

Ilike the face expression on picture 4,and i will copy it and colour it and put it for a while on my desktop!

Tom Badguy said...

That shit is fierce.

Joe Jusko said...

These were fun! Glad you guys like 'em!