Monday, December 5, 2011

" The Savage Sword of Commander X " by Jay Piscopo

Jay Piscopo , Comic creator , artist , Author and Publisher is responsible for this homage/parody to our favorite Son of Cimmeria. Jay has a unique and classic style all his own. His work reminds me a bit of Alex Toth and some Steve Rude ( Greatly influenced by Toth himself ) Visit Jay's website and check out his products. This drawing right here sparked an idea. Jay ( Who through Dr. Mego ) produces his own COMMANDER X action figures that you can buy online through his website (HERE). You can also visit his Blog on Blogspot (HERE). year the plan is to produce a SAVAGE SWORD version of COMMANDER X ( MEGO ) style action figure complete with furry shorts. I made friends with Jay on the facebook after I saw his Undersea super hero the SEA GHOST comic book. I felt the need to share this drawing with the good readers of on the lookout next year for this new Barbaric action figure. I know I'll be getting me one. Dig it!


Cromsblood said...

I checked Jay's FAQ page, and was suprised that the first question that popped into my head wasn't answered there...any relation to Joe Piscopo?

Jay's artwork is mighty fine, btw.

Mike D. said...

I too think of the Great comedian and Sinatra impersonator each time I see his name. However...I think they just share the name...There are 5 more people in the U.S. with my of them is a Brilliant award winning Neuro surgeon and another a pro Snow Boarder who competed in the Olympics. Then there is the College Professor Mathematician.
My claim to fame is that I am a contributor on "CROM , THE ULTIMATE CONAN FAN BLOG BABY!!!!"