Saturday, September 24, 2011

the THREE Deaths of CONAN

I was going to post an article I copied and pasted but instead chose to simply tell everyone and share one of my favorite Conan comics. The Savage Sword of CONAN number 176 , the Three Deaths of CONAN. The cover was painted by CONAN cover artist and mainstay Earl Norem...he aside from Joe Jusko probably produced more cover art for the series than any other artist. There are stories inside drawn by Flint Henry and Gary Kwapicz and the artist I want to talk about today , TIMOTHY TRUMAN.

Tim Truman has been working in the business for many , many years and has Created such ICONIC characters such as Grim Jack and SCOUT and has worked for just about every major comic book publisher who ever put out comics worth reading.

Something about his line and technique just draws me into the action on the page. I don't really want to give too much away with the story. I have included a plot synopsis and encourage everyone to go to E-bay or your local comic book store and find yourselves a copy of this magazine. Believe me you won't be sorry. Of course CONAN does not die three times but the each tale is remarkable to say the least. Down below I have included some TIMOTHY TRUMAN Dark Horse CONAN art pages from I believe around issues 17 or 18. As you can see the guy is a talented Bastich! So tarry no longer those of you who do not already own this Mag! Go find one. STEAL it if you have is mandatory.

the plot synopsis :

"Conan, searching for the Prism of Khorshemish, pushes his way through the Flaming Mountains and comes across a spooky castle. Inside, a very creepy and insane collector of human heads magically binds Conan and tells his fortune by drawing four cards, one of which will be Conan's true destiny. The first card shows Conan's life as a slave, betrayed by a witch-woman, and killed by monsters in a gladiatorial pit. The second card shows Conan at sea, surviving a shipwreck, but ultimately dying in the tentacles of a sea-demon, turned into a mindless zombie. A third card has Conan torn apart by a horde of undead. While the seer revels in telling the barbarian his fate, he doesn't notice Conan managing to flex his arm and gain the strength to hurl a dagger at the wizard, killing him. Conan can't resist looking at the final card,and chuckles when he sees himself as a king."

Enjoy and...happy hunting! - Mikeyboy


Charles R. Rutledge said...

That was a great issue all right. I remember thinking it interesting at the time that Truman and Henry were both best known as artists for First Comics and both had drawn Grimjack.

Chris said...

Great blog. I've added it to favourites.

Xonan said...

A great idea to have 3 different artists draw the 3 virtual deaths of Conan, as shown by the black shaman.

Personally I preferred the intro and epilog drawn by Gary Kwapisz, truly fantastic!!