Sunday, March 13, 2011

Introducing Jason Momoa as "CONAN"

I lifted this publicity still off the CONAN 3D Facebook page. Here we see Jason striking the classic pose ready for action and ready to do battle with Wizards , Evil henchmen , Monsters and Hapless moron's who would insist on getting in the way.
This movie has been a long time in the coming but it's on it's way. We the fans have been waiting for years. Sure there is general hesitance and doubts that the film will not live up to the hype. But you know what? I don't care...I see the stills , I see the interview clips and press material released to the public. Being the ever vigilant CONAN fan that I am. Well..I can't wait now. I am anticipating a great box office's CONAN man!!!
We just may all be in for a pleasant surprise.


Benito Gallego said...

Why do they make Conan strike those samurai poses –even in the first two movies?

Mike D. said...

In the first film..he was sent to the east for training with the best sword masters in the world.
In the REH envisioned world of the CONAN his Blacksmith/swordmaker father taught him everything there is to know about swords and so on.
But more than half the people who will go to this movie have no idea about CONAN's history in comics and so on.
I have a CONAN tattoo on my right arm and people still call him HE-MAN I tell them it's CONAN they say.." Who? "

Mike D. said...

Of course...I don't need to tell you CONAN learned how to use a sword. :)

Bree Yark! said...

"I have a CONAN tattoo on my right arm and people still call him HE-MAN"


Mike D. said...