Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rejected Conan Art by Paul Maybury!

I spotted these pages via artist Paul Maybury's Tumblr site, where he posted a few pages of art that he submitted to Darkhorse Comics in the hopes of getting hired. Alas, it was not meant to be. I, personally, think this art is brilliant, and even though a bit of a departure (apparently, Dark Horse thought it was too cartoony), I think that the character of Conan is strong enough to withstand the interpretation and the overall mythos will be stronger for its inclusion. This... art... kicks... ass.


Mike D. said...

Rejected? This is pretty cool stuff. It's gory and gross like a Howard story and CONAN looks like the big barbarian we all know and love with a few styilzed tweaks.

Mike D. said...

Actually what I think it may be....That they do not want any interpretations of CONAN depicted other than what they themselves are putting out. But if this fella submitted some BRPD or HELLBOY art....he'd be working for them right now.
It's a tough racket to get into...things are tough enough on aspiring starving artists but CONAN has always been on of those characters where the art directors and editors are not looking for...stylish or unique looking.
This work is well done and I feel this guy can be working in comics doing something. Unless he already is?

Sam Agro said...

It's sometimes hard to see why a company would be so shortsighted about the styles it decides to choose and reject. The content is, perhaps a little more Lovecraftian than is typical for Conan, but not completely outside the source material.

And even if they didn't like it for Conan, why not walk it over to the BPRD editor. As Mikeyboy says, it would be great for that book.

Eric LeFeber said...

Wow, I think it's great. I wonder if there's more to the rejection that we're seeing in the art?

Mike Hawthorne said...

I agree! Paul would kick much ass on Conan!