Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Riddle of Latex!

Have you ever wanted to armor up and run around a field with several of your best friends hitting each other in the head with gleaming swords, but don't like cleaning up blood and chunks of brain matter? Well fear no more! Now you can wail away at all of your enemies and never worry about a murder rap thanks to Museum Replica's latex Conan LARP weapons and armor!

Get yourself the squishy and huggable Atlantean Sword of Conan himself!


Re-enact your favorite MMO moments with this sweet Age of Conan armor!


If this doesn't convince you, watch this action packed video that's just jam-packed with epic battle scenes and actual bouncing female breasts!

Go HERE to plunk down some hard-earn Hyrkanian rubies for any number of killer latex weaponry, or swing by Big Bad Toy Store, who has many of the same swords and axes for a little cheaper.

And then once we've all bought our swords, I say we all meet up for one serious battle, by Crom!

1 comment:

Kaiser Crowbar said...

Those swords look friggin' awesome and the girl playing Keaira is pretty hot, but, damn, that armor's expensive!

How about I give you $2.50 and you wrap me in tinfoil?