Monday, May 10, 2010

In Memoriam...

Frank Frazetta

1928 - 2010


Mike D. said...

You're at peace and together with your beloved.

Kaiser Crowbar said...

THE greatest fantasy artist the world will ever know. The world is a richer place thanks to his visionary work, yet a poorer place due to his passing.

He is at his rightful place among the immortals in Valhalla.

The Barbarian said...

Truly sad, but he left our world with some of the greatest artwork ever made by man.

Kromm---Taar said...

Hail to Frank Frazetta! A true master.

Raw strength, sheer power, unbound savagery....are the words that come when seeing his art.

He will live forever through his paintings!

Mike D. said...

I was walking through the mall with my Mom when I was about 12 years of we walked by a Walden books my eye caught a glimpse of a paperback was CONAN atop THAK'S back and I was completely mesmerized. I told my Mom I wanted the book...she purchased it for me. I did not know CONAN was actually older than what I knew of him from the Marvel comic books. I read the book and recognized the story and realized that many of these CONAN comics were adapted for the comics. I began to search out more and found them all....the covers were captivating I read inside one of the books the artists name - Frank
Frazetta...I went back to the book store sometime later and looked for anything relating to this man...I found 3 volumes of graphic novel sized page books printing his artwork...I soon had them in my collection.
I used to stare at his work and get lost in my imagination and even attempt feeble recreations of his works.
The man was much more than a beautiful painter and artist. He created a genre...the Boris covers and Neal Adams covers were nice but Frazetta's work had a voice. It sang like a could hear literally the soundtrack to the CONAN film by Basil Polidouris in your head when you looked at
his art. The movie did not even come out yet and you heard the music. That's because of Frank...
he inspired all of us he inspired artists and writers and cartoonists and bands and composers
he has many peers but he had no equals...he was a new age renaissance man for the 20th and 21st centuries....but sadly for all his legendary skill and achievements he was nought but a man...we do not live forever. But he will...he will.