Monday, September 7, 2009

Brilliant Conan Art!

CROM! homeboy, Dan Van Cool, hipped me to this mind-blowing piece of art featuring the world's greatest barbarian from an artist known as Cheeks 74. I see a lot of Conan art throughout the course of my obsession with the son of Cimmeria, but rarely am I this stunned. This piece is truly original and visionary! An singularly unique piece of work!


Props to Dan Van Cool for sending this my way!


Daniel Andrews said...

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway also did character designs for the latest Spiderman Cartoon, and The Hellboy Animated movies.
A hell of a nice guy too :)

Mike D. said...

If there were ever another CONAN cartoon for TV this is how he should look.
Hey take a look at the animated style that was so hot for Superman and Batman adventures.
This definately looks like something people'd watch...this aint no Kiddie Conan this is the real deal!!!

SK said...

Agree with Mikeyboy!
This would be a great look if there was a Conan the animated series.

Thought I'd share this Red Sonja piece. It's a step by step photoshop tutorial by Sean Harrington.

Red Sonja :

Cromsblood said...

Damn you Dan-Van-Cool! How am I supposed to follow a post like that? I'm thinking I should call you Dan-Van-Ultimate-Warrior-Cool, cause you hook us up with the best stuff here, and over on ConceptArt too! ...Yah, I'm no artist, but I like hangin there cause it's a whole lot of cool...Dan-Van-Cool!

Daniel Andrews said...

Thats Nice of you to say!
Im always happy to hook up guys out with the Conan/Barbarian stuff I find. is a wicked place for Art & Inspiration along with everything that entails.
Glad your Enjoying my work!

All the Best