Friday, June 12, 2009

Conan/Terminator T-shirt Welcomes You to California!

Mitra's beard! How effin' crazy is this shirt?! This looks more like something that should be painted on the side of a van owned by the worst drummer in the world, who still lives with his parents.

Seriously, I can't begin to express the level of absurdity that radiates from this t-shirt like magic from Thulsa Doom's butt. The whole Conan/Terminator amalgamation is stupid enough, but hell, they might as well have added in Arnold's characters from Predator, Commando, Twins and Jingle All the Way while they were at it. Nice gold sword, too. Did he melt down C-3PO and then hammer him into a barbarian weapon?




Oh! Good news! It also comes in white!


If you have just smoked a bunch of meth and are now in the mental state necessary to actually buy this shirt, you can get it HERE.


Acorndog said...

OMG, this is so not awesome it's awesome! You have to follow the link to check out the mad ebay skillz of the poster. "This is a real TGIF shirt and not an illegally made fake!" Yeah... like this guy actually bought the rights to Conan, Terminator, Arnold, and California.

The umlaut is a nice absurdist touch. Definitely it looks better in black.

Anonymous said...

This IS awesome! I would love to get this t-shirt. I wish I saw this earlier...